Trident Care Rx is committed to staying focused on the financial aspects of running a long-term care pharmacy. Being efficient and successful enables the facility and its residents to have lasting security and happiness. Trident Care Rx has no debt with the business being strong and solvent.

Trident Care Rx takes pride in their measures to reduce facility costs.The pharmacy conducts automatic generic for brand substitutions while promoting over-the-counter medication in place of prescription medication, when applicable. For example, Trident Care Rx promotes the 4% OTC Lidocaine patch over the 5% prescription patch, resulting in a 90% cost savings. Pre-cost screenings for new admissions are provided within 15 minutes to allow your Admissions Coordinator to make the most well-informed decision.  In addition to screening high-cost medication before sending, the pharmacy also communicates prior authorizations through immediate notifications. These notifications are followed up with weekly cost reports and monthly prior authorization reports.

Trident Care Rx does 30-day medication fills, reducing multiple dispensing fees for the facility. Our experience has taught us that 30-day fills make it easier on the nursing staff to administer the correct medication while also increasing cost efficiency to our facilities. Our partner homes can return any medication (controlled substances excluded) for full credit. Returns are processed immediately within the same calendar month and will appear on the current month statement with no restocking fees.

Lastly, for facility cost reduction, training and education will be given to promote bed-side mixing for IVs. This allows facilities the option of returning any unused, non-compounded IVs for full credit.