Trident Care Rx is a North Carolina based long-term care pharmacy owned and operated in Hickory, NC. At Trident Care Rx, we live and work by the motto, “Take care of the resident, everything else will take care of itself.” This means putting resident safety and customer service at the forefront of every decision we make. We are passionate about Long Term Care because it’s all we do! The facilities we service feel safe knowing their residents are receiving top notch care while simultaneously having a reliable support system for their own needs. Trident Care Rx is committed to accuracy and efficiency, all while leading the industry by utilizing paperless management systems, pharmacogenetic technology, easy-to-use emergency systems, a seamless delivery system, prescription-filling robotics, and 24/7 on-call services.

Since inception, the philosophy of Trident Care Rx has been to locally manage facilities keeping in mind that no new facilities are taken on without ensuring that we can operate at an exceptional level. We believe that by keeping the operations appropriately sized, we can create environments unlike any other long-term care pharmacy.

Trident Care Rx is a hands-on pharmacy and unlike large, corporately run pharmacies, your staff and management team will have access to the direct cell phone numbers of Trident Care Rx owner and his dedicated management staff. By taking this approach, Trident Care Rx has been able to retain clientele and garner a reputation for their commitment to residents and facilities alike. Locally owned, modestly sized, and safety focused, Trident Care Rx ensures delivery of top-notch service.